About us

Who we are

Stone Automation Ltd is a stone tech distribution business focused on supplying high quality products to leading fabricators and masons across the UK and Ireland.

We distribute three brands currently; Wodiam tooling, Donatoni machines and Slabsmith technology, with the potential to distribute other relevant stone tech brands in the future.

Our story

The business was founded in 2022 by Salvatore Caruso and is based in Slough, Berkshire, UK. Salvatore has over 30 years’ in the UK stone industry and has purchased four Donatoni Jet625 CNC saws in that time.    

Caruso’s high opinion and working knowledge of Donatoni saws, and existing UK distributorship of stone tooling by Wodiam, meant he was a natural candidate for the Donatoni UK and Ireland distributorship when this became available.

When an agreement was reached on the distributorship with Donatoni, Caruso created Stone Automation Ltd to facilitate this and he moved all the stone tech distributorships held by his other businesses to sit under Stone Automation.

Engineers, customer service and salespeople were then recruited specifically to support existing and new Donatoni, Wodiam and Slabsmith customers across the UK and Ireland. Stone Automation has been helping stone fabrication and processing businesses improve their efficiency ever since with the help of Donatoni machines, Wodiam tooling and Slabsmith software.

Want to know more?

If you are a stonemason or fabricator interested in finding out more about the products and services offered by Stone Automation, then get in contact.

A close up picture of one of the team's chest showing their Stone Automation branded t-shirt and Donatoni jacket