Many imitations but only Donatoni is the real thing

Donatoni P425 machine available in the UK from Stone Automation

Only Donatoni machines deliver the Donatoni experience and innovation

Donatoni was founded in 1959 when Vittorio Donatoni opened a workshop in Italy specialising in the maintenance of stone processing equipment and machinery. Since then the company has brought multiple innovations to market. Notably the first ever CNC bridge cutting machine with a rotating head in 2001, user-friendly software launches in 2006, 2015 and 2019, and a multi-disc head in 2021 among many others. Every innovation has been driven by Donatoni’s goal to meet and exceed their clients’ needs.

It is not surprising then that there are imitators in the market. We have even heard of other distributors claiming that they sell a Donatoni machine, just under another badge. But do not be fooled, only Donatoni manufactures and delivers Donatoni machines.

The Donatoni difference

Donatoni’s innovation stems from their three-pronged approach of thinking, experimentation and know-how. The combination of these three, sets Donatoni apart and this is borne out in their machines.

With Donatoni, work processes are revolutionised and workshop efficiency increased by the level of automisation, freeing up operators to complete other work. See what Amaris say about this in their recent case study.

Programming and running machines is easy due to the Donatoni ecosystem of software and digital platforms, transforming the time required for each job and improving precision.

Constant research and development means their machines, software and solutions are continually being updated and clients supported.

Investing in genuine quality

Donatoni’s bridge saws, work centres, high-productivity cutting lines, polishing and calibration machines, and robots are manufactured in a purpose-built factory and workshops that would not look out of place in Formula One. Immaculately clean, beautifully presented and high tech, you’ll find them full of engineers, technicians and developers. The servicing team are ready and waiting in the Donatoni offices to take any servicing calls from clients all around the world.

Take a tour

Located at their headquarters in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Verona – you can visit during the Stone Tech Open days (keep an eye on our news page for dates) or take a virtual tour of the showroom at your leisure. Once you have a Donatoni, you can visit their Academy and be trained on your machine and get further training when software and machines are updated.

The Donatoni headquarters near Verona

Donatoni’s quality control and after sales service are second to none. Just ask any of our clients or give us a ring and ask to visit a workshop with a Donatoni machine for a tour and a chat. Check what spares we have on hand for current machines when you give us a ring. We keep them in the UK so customers do not have to wait long lead times should they need a spare.

Choose genuine Donatoni

There are imitations that you can get away with; we are all familar with marble vs. marble effect after all. But when it comes to machines, buy a genuine Donatoni to get the quality, precision, reliability, innovation and long term care and support for your business. You cannot fake the positive impact a real Donatoni has had on the fabricators and masons who have purchased one in the UK & Ireland. We will gladly point you in their direction.

Give us a call with your questions about Donatoni and we will happily set up a demonstration for you too.

Read our latest case studies on our news page and check out more updates on our LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. We look forward to sharing the good news about you and your Donatoni in the future.