Meet the team – Graham Codd

Graham Codd – Operations and Technical Support Manager

Graham is the first point of contact for all Stone Automation customers and supports on all Donatoni and Wodiam queries. Though Graham was new to engineering when he joined Stone Automation, he was co-owner of his own business for nearly 20 years and is experienced at liaising with customers and managing the many functions within Stone Automation.

Quick to grasp what technical issues customers are facing, Graham is also skilled at problem solving. Having been fully trained by Donatoni, Wodiam and Slabsmith, Graham provides technical support to all our customers and connects them directly with each company should that be required.

Graham oversees all quotes for Slabsmith, new Donatoni machines and the Donatoni spare parts that we hold at our depot, dispatching spares to customers around the UK & Ireland.

When Graham joined Stone Automation in 2022, he enjoyed learning how Donatoni, Wodiam and Slabsmith can improve the efficiency of stone fabrication businesses. In particular he was impressed by the reliability and quality of the machines, software and tooling, and the dedication of each business to providing the best solutions for their customers.

He remembers going on one visit to see a customer and seeing the main operator giggling out loud with excitement when he saw how quickly he could cut slabs. “It is great to see fabricators getting it and understanding how quickly and well they can process their stone with the products we distribute. We’ve been welcomed everywhere.

Need a quote for a Donatoni machine or Slabsmith software? Or need Donatoni spare parts? Then contact Graham on the detail below.

Graham Codd:


Tel: 01753 378715

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