Meet the team – Steve Peabody

Steve peabody at Stone Automation standing in front of a Donatoni Jet625

Steve Peabody – Technical Support

Steve has worked as an operator and technical support on Donatoni machines since 2013 and first came across Wodiam in 2015 when working at Classico Marble Ltd. Today, now at Stone Automation, Steve works one-on-one with customers and operators using Donatoni, Wodiam and Slabsmith. He offers phone support for operators using Donatoni machines as he has such extensive experience as an operator himself.

Naturally analytical, Steve has learnt everything he could about all the machines, software and tooling he used as an operative and it was therefore an easy step over to Stone Automation and a technical support role when the business was formed.

Often working closely with Graham, Matt and Nico on technical support, Steve approaches any technical issues with an operator’s point of view and his creative ability to think around a problem. He enjoys offering technical and problem support and using his hands on experience to train and support Donatoni, Slabsmith and Wodiam users, but he does admit “It is impossible to go back to any other blade after you have used a Wodiam blade”.

Need technical support for Donatoni, Wodiam or Slabsmith? Then contact Steve on the details below.

Steve Peabody:


Tel: 01753 378715

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