Meet the team – Matt Pickard

Matt Pickard wearing his Stone Automation uniform standing in front of a Donatoni Jet 625 for a photo

Meet the team – Matt Pickard, Wodiam Sales Coordinator

When it comes to Wodiam blades and tools in the UK, Matt is the main point of contact for all Wodiam orders whether through the website, or by email or phone. Matt maintains the UK stock and supports all operators and customers on their purchases.

Fully trained by Wodiam and with five years of experience supporting Wodiam sales across the UK, Matt has a good understanding of all the tools. He helps customers identify the right tooling for their machine and processing activities, and also coordinates all the technical consultations undertaken by our Wodiam technical field team.

Matt’s tooling knowledge is at such a level that he has been known to point out during meetings that he can hear that the fabricators on the machines next door have changed the material they are cutting and need to tweak their rpm.

A typical day will see Matt fulfilling Wodiam orders, liaising with clients on their orders and speaking to the technical field team.

Matt Pickard:


Tel: 01753 378715

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