Why do I need Slabsmith™?

Slabsmith™ helps to automate your stone fabrication business and in the process increase your profits and lower your operating costs.

Different bundles are available according to the requirements of each stone processing business but all packages assist with digitising slab inventories and increasing efficiencies.

How it works

The “Basic Bundle” contains all the core features and modules of The Slabsmith™ System.  The features include Inventory, Layout, Digital Slab™ creation and more. Different people in each company will use different parts of Slabsmith™ depending on their job.

The Basic Bundle includes:

Slab Maker™ module:

  • Creation of a dimensional and colour accurate digital slab inventory.
  • Inspect and digitally track problems on the slab.
  • Automatic calculation of internal usable area.

Perfect Match™ module:

  • Creation of slab layouts for projects.
  • Define remnants to be returned to inventory.
  • Creation of DXF cut files for the digital saw.

Slab Manager module:

  • Search for inventory by material, ID, size, etc.
  • View the results of your search, including inspection markup.
  • Query the database for hard accounting numbers.
  • Determine amount of stock on hand by area, or slab.

Job Manager module:

  • Search and open Jobs by ID, material, description, etc.
  • Get yield statistics by slab, job, date, more.
  • Review jobs previously completed.  A complete history.
  • Add or replace slabs in a job prior to cutting.

Slab Consumer™ module:

  • Verify the correct slab is being used for the correct job.
  • Consume slabs, generate remnants, complete jobs.

Slabsmith™ Administration module:

  • Create and customise slab properties.
  • Create and customise database views.
  • Define users to track who did what and when.
  • Manage photostations and calibrations.
  • Define DXF Export options for your saw.

Latest Slabsmith news:

Slabsmith has released a new software update with new 3D features. Read the news here: Slabsmith 2023.6 release