Wodiam launches Balder

Wodiam launch Balder

Wodiam has launched a new blade calling it Balder after the Norse god of light.

Following in the footsteps of a series of best-selling high-performance blades Joren, Wendy and Pascal, Balder is Wodiam’s next iteration and development in diamond blades. As the stone processing machines and materials that stone fabricators are working with have changed, cutting blades have had to change too and Balder is a direct reflection of this.

Balder has been carefully developed with an absolute focus on helping fabricators achieve excellent cuts, better top and bottom cutting results, and impeccable mitres on all types of sintered materials including Dekton, Lapitec and Infinity.

Moreover, Balder makes no compromises in terms of cutting speeds and lifetime. The Balder delivers a quality cut at speeds that most fabricators cut regular quartz. Balder can run at a lower rpm ensuring it will fit within the software limits of all stone processing machines. Balder can also be used at 4m per minute to cut 2cm quartz but really excels at cutting Dekton and ceramic materials. Compared to other blades on the market, the lifespan of the Balder blade is very high at 50 to 60 slabs of 2cm Dekton cut per blade.

When the costs faced by all stone processing businesses are high, using a blade like Balder to increase cutting speeds and reduce labour, electricity and water costs, we believe the Balder blade will pay for itself in a short time span. The team at Stone Automation are also on hand to handle any queries and solve any issues, and keep your production consistent.

Speak to the team now about your stone processing requirements and Wodiam’s tools on 01753 378 715 and visit the Wodiam UK website to buy online.