Wodiam increases cutting speeds at Granite & Marble Crafts

Wodiam tools increase cutting speeds at Granite & Marble crafts Ireland

Cutting speed increases at Granite & Marble Crafts thanks to Wodiam

Ireland-based leading manufacturer of high-quality kitchen worktops and vanities had a Wodiam technical consultation from Stone Automation

Our team member Nick visited Granite & Marble Crafts in Meath for a technical consultation on Wodiam blades. This involved reviewing the materials James and the other highly-skilled machine operators are cutting on a daily basis and fine tuning the cutting speeds on their bridge saws.

Once Nick had set up the Pascal blade by Wodiam on Granite & Marble Crafts’ Donatoni Twin S4-Q, the cutting speeds were increased dramatically making James incredibly happy. Even when cutting ultrahard materials such as 20mm Dekton (below), the results were great and at speed.

Dekton cutting by Wodiam at Granite and Marble crafts - Stone Automation

Not only that, the Pascal blade has a long life expectancy and will pay for itself with the increased efficiency and speed gains.

Many thanks to James and the team from Granite & Marble Crafts for letting us share this news. If you are a stone fabricator or processing business that needs to improve the efficiency of your workshops, then get in contact with the team now onĀ 01753 378715.

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