Efficiency gains at Amaris thanks to their Donatoni Jet625

Efficiency gains at Amaris thanks to their Donatoni Jet625

Bridgend-based specialist stone fabrication business chooses a Donatoni Jet625 for their workshops

Amaris Granite & Quartz is a family-run business that specialises in granite, marble and quartz for kitchens and bathrooms. Formed in Dec 2005, the business is led by Director Chris Jackson and in 2022 he knew the business needed a new bridge saw machine. His research brought him to Stone Automation and a visit to a friendly stone fabricator to see a Donatoni Jet625 in action.

Chris describes his visit: “I went to view a Donatoni Jet625 saw working and the first thing I noticed, and was completely blown away by, was how fast it was cutting. It didn’t seem possible to cut 20mm and 30mm quartz so fast. Everyone was telling me how the saw would tranform my business and make it so much more efficient.

After further research on the bridge saw, dimensions, add-ons and tooling, Amaris ordered their own Donatoni Jet625 and took delivery a few weeks later.

The installation went very smoothly. We did a days training with the engineer and we were up and running in 4 days. The machine is very intelligent and user-friendly. It was pretty simple to learn the basics and a few weeks later we where pros!!” Chris went on to say.

The efficiency of the Jet has dramatically impacted the Amaris team and business, allowing them to take on more projects for homes and clients of all sizes across the Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan and surrounding areas where they are based.

In Chris Jackson’s own words “They were right, the saw has completely changed our business…instead of chasing our tails we are so far ahead now its freed my sawyer up to help out in other areas. I can’t thanks Salve and his team enough, they have been amazing throughout the whole process.

Many thanks Chris and the team from Amaris for letting us share this news. If you are a stone fabricator or processing business that needs to improve the efficiency of your workshops, then get in contact with the team now on 01753 378715.

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